Face perfection is nothing but a shitty perception.

Why face perfection is so necessary to survive in this world?

Insulting others for not having a perfect face that fits the society's standards.

“Hey, look at her. She is so ugly” she said to Merry. “Yeah, oh man, I am so proud of my face,” Merry said. “Yes you are pretty and I think she should get her face fixed“ both laughed.

insulting others for not having perfect face

Let’s stop here.
Do you get that? The conversation?
This is what you will hear teens talking about these days. And this is not just a talk. People are aware of the fact that they can easily get their faces fixed with some injections and then? Then they can also hear people talking about them like “oh she/he is so beautiful/handsome” and after that, they will finally be very proud of themselves(of their beauty I mean).

Face surgeries. 

getting needles injected in faces to get perfect facial features

Why are people so proud of their big eyes, nice shaped nose, heart-shaped lips, and double eyelids? These people who born with all this and don’t have to go to a surgeon for surgery. What do you think? Why does God choose only those or is this because God only loves them? Is this the reason they should be proud of? NO.
Tell me something about your achievements because your capabilities show who you really are, not your face.
We get proud of something when we have contributed to it. Like I’m so proud of myself for being a WordPress designer because I didn’t give up and kept learning until I get a strong grip on it. So I’m proud of this because God showed me a way and I decided to choose that way. See? Or should I also be proud of being tall because I didn’t have to take pills to increase height, it was just in my genes? And Should I be cursing and teasing those who are short and making fun of them? No, instead I should be grateful to God and be humble to those who are not as tall as I am. And I shouldn’t be proud because there was nothing I did in getting tall, it was just God’s decision. And I don’t think that just being tall among others makes me a beloved one of God. 🙂
Who told us that being tall and skinny and having perfect big eyes with a perfectly straight nose makes us beautiful? Who told us that? Beauty has nothing to do with porcelain skin, jawline, big eyes, double eyelids, or a perfect nose.

we all are beautiful inside out.

A black guy with a big nose who helps you in your utmost bad days will be more attractive than the one white, tall boy with blue eyes and a sharp jawline who just left you in your bad days because he has no time to solve your problems or who just made fun of you in front of friends and ended up saying “it was a joke”.

I’m telling you if today you just shave your eyebrows or don’t use any of your face care products(which give you instant results because of chemicals) for two weeks then your boyfriend is like “oh there is something wrong with your face” or he would definitely find ways to stay away from you. Instead, he should say “take care of yourself honey” or “what happened? is something bothering you? tell me I’m here with you” or he at least won’t find ways to stay away or start getting attracted to other girls.

BECAUSE beauty will fade one day and he will eventually leave you. so better find someone who has a good heart and is ready to grow with you.

Always remember,

“Outer beauty turns the head, but inner beauty turns the heart.” 🙂

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